Policies & Procedures

Consumer Care

Sliding Fee Scale Program Ability to Pay Policy

Behavior Treatment Plan Policy

Emergency Physical Interventions/Non-Violent Crisis Interventions Policy

Staff Responsibilities for Creating, Reviewing, & Implementing of Behavior Treatment Plans Procedure

Assessments Policy

Intake Assessment Procedure

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Accommodation Policy

Cultural Competence Policy

Self Determination and Consumer Self-Directed Services Policy

Psychiatric Advance Directives Policy

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Assistive Technologies Procedure

Second Opinion Procedure

Case Closing_Discharge from Services Policy

Aftercare Plan Policy

Periodic Review Policy

Program Transfer & Referral Policy

Consumers Transitioning to Independent Living Setting Policy

Jail Diversion Policy


Corporate Compliance

Good Moral Character and Criminal History Policy

Drug-Free Workplace and Employee Drug Screening Policy

Compliance Reporting and Investigation Policy

Minimum Necessary Protocols for Routine Disclosure (External) of PHI Policy

Minimum Necessary Policy Internal & Non-Routine Disclosure of PHI and EPHI

Personal Representative_Guardian Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Compliance with PIHP Policies, Procedures, and Protocols Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Breach Notification Policy

Disqualified Providers Policy

List of Excluded Individuals_Entities Procedure

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Procedure

Case Record Policy

Basic Rules for Documenting Service Records Procedure

Specialized Residential Homes Audit Procedure

Consent to Share Information Policy



Privileging- Credentialing Policy

Clinical Supervision Policy

Clinical Staff Privileging Procedure


Provider Network

Provider Network Policy

Provider Network Quality Monitoring of Purchased Services Policy

Provider Network Privileging Policy

Provider Network Performance Based Payment Policy

Provider Network Performance Based Payment Procedure

Community Resources Listing Procedure

Training Goals and Requirements for HBH Employees Procedure


Recipient Rights

Guardianship and Alternatives Policy

Recipient Rights – Abuse and Neglect Procedure

Recipient Rights – Complaint and Appeals Process for Investigating Findings Procedure

Recipient Rights – Right to Access Entertainment Material, Information, and News Procedure

Recipient Rights – Change in Type of Treatment Procedure

Recipient Rights – Recipient Comprehensive Examination Procedure

Recipient Rights – Communication, Telephone, and Visiting Rights Procedure

Recipient Rights – Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information Procedure

Recipient Rights – Critical Incidents, Risk Events, and Sentinel Events Policy

Recipient Rights – Duty to Warn Procedure

Recipient Rights – Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio Taping, and Use of One-Way Glass Procedure

Recipient Rights – Freedom of Movement Procedure

Recipient Rights – Informed Consent Procedure

Recipient Rights – Personal Property and Funds Procedure

Recipient Rights – Dignity, Respect, and Privacy Procedure

Recipient Rights – Psychotropic Medications Procedure

Recipient Rights – Recipient Rights Officer Qualification and Training Procedure

Recipient Rights – Residential Labor Procedure

Recipient Rights – Least Restrictive Treatment Procedure

Recipient Rights – Restraints Procedure

Recipient Rights – Seclusion Procedure

Recipient Rights – Services suited to Condition Procedure

Recipient Rights – Sterilization, Abortion, and Contraception Procedure

Recipient Rights – Recipient Rights System Procedure

Recipient Rights – Treatment by Spiritual Means Procedure

Recipient Rights – Records Retention & Disposal Procedure

Reporting of Consumer Deaths Procedure

Appeals and Grievances Procedure

Unusual Incident Reporting Procedure


Service Delivery

Case Management Services Procedure

Periodic Review Procedure

Progress Note Documentation Procedure

Closing from HBH Services Procedure

Access to Services Referral and Eligibility Policy

Person Centered Planning (PCP) Policy

Crisis Plan Policy

Person Centered Planning (PCP) Procedure

Pre-Planning Requirements for Person Centered Planning Procedure

Service Delivery Policy

HBH Treatment Philosophy, Evidence-Based Practices, & Approved Methods Policy

Welcoming Policy

Services to Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders Policy

Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Policy

Trauma Informed System of Care (TISC) Policy

Service Philosophy Policy

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) Policy

Family Driven Youth Guided Services Policy

Tobacco Free-Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Building and or Program Closure Policy

Weather Related Closures and Delays Procedure[


MDHHS Medicaid Provider Manual